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Marriage not dating kiss ep

Liss news at her that he Marrriage having her figure anyway. But Oma should be ok if they do it all at once. He service life is full of arms. Mom is situated in the length room. The bet's not over. In this armed offering, although he's surprised, he still has his contents about him - enough to be booked to hold back help a bit. Jang Mi is relationship to cry.

He asks about stopping to get a bite to eat. Ki Tae pulls over at the rest area anyway. Big spread of food. Ki Tae tries to convince her to eat. She asks how Marriage not dating kiss ep can at a time like this. He says that he needs to eat up to energize himself. That way he can accept her with a smile when she takes it out on him. I laugh because he knows her so well. Jang Mi mumbles that he should hurry up and eat so they can leave. He tells her to help out, so Jang Mi takes a piece of sushi. She asks why Ki Tae went to see Oma.

He says that he was jealous of her getting Mom's attention. He says that he wanted attention too. He tells her to eat. She needs the energy to find Appa and take care of Oma. Ki Tae turns the radio on. He smiles at her and she holds the hand with her other one. He notices that Jang Mi looks pale. He apologizes for making her eat. They go sit on a bench by the lake. He asks if she wants to go to the hospital or the pharmacy? He is being so sweet. He asks if he can get her some water. He asks if they should get married. She snaps at him to stop and then realizes what he said. He Marriage not dating kiss ep at her, puts his arm around her and says they should get married.

Jang Mi blinks at him and shoves his arm off. He sighs and starts to loosen his collar button. They need to be sure first. They look at each other. She tells him to stop, this isn't the time to discuss that. He asks why not now. A once in a lifetime memory. Ki Tae just sits there and waits. Jang Mi shakes her head and says for him to take it back. Now's not the time. Great view, great weather. Jang Mi protest that Oma is having surgery. They don't know where Dad is or if he'll even come with them Why would she want to think about her wedding now? Ki Tae says that they'll make up. He asks if she wants to make a bet?

If Oma and Appa make up, they're getting married. Jang Mi says that she won't be able to get married on top of her parents splitting up. Ki Tae says that she never knows. If the worst marriage, as far as she knows, works out, then they should trust in marriage too. A man walking by says he knows whose letter it is. They quickly run back to the car. Appa is sitting in the restaurant, drinking. Jang Mi takes the liquor out of his hand. It takes a second for him to realize that Ki Tae is Ki Tae. He, of course, is angry. Appa asks what kind of crap they're saying! Are they really getting married or something? Appa declares that he needed someone to take it out on!

Appa grabs Ki Tae by the jacket and shoves him into a wall. Ki Tae protests that he needs to tell Appa something. Appa yells at Ki Tae that he should be giving Jang Mi confidence! What did he do to make Jang Mi feel so unsure? He calls Ki Tae a jerk. Did he give Oma assurances? She didn't even tell Appa she had cancer! Ki Tae looks over at Appa. Appa asks Jang Mi to repeat what she just said. Jang Mi is crying now. She repeats that Oma is ill. She has breast cancer. Appa has to sit. Jang Mi tells Appa to go home and go to the hospital with Oma the next day. She must hate him so much. She can't rely on him at all. He won't be of any help. That witch will get mad and her blood pressure will rise.

She needs rest before the surgery. Jang Mi walks out of Chicken Shack. Ki Tae slowly leaves. Outside, Ki Tae hugs Jang Mi. He tells Jang Mi to go to Oma and he will stay with Appa. She said they can't get married. Ki Tae tells her to just wait. The bet's not over. Jang Mi says that it is, so he should let Jang Mi see the letter. He refuses, saying that he will let her see it when the bet is over. He gives her another big hug. Oma is packing her bag. Jang Mi arrives and Oma pretends to be asleep, but she answers when Jang Mi says her name. She'll stay with Oma forever. Oma says that it sounds terrible. Oma calls Jang Mi a witch joking, of course.

Jang Mi starts to snuggle with Oma. Jang Mi apologizes for making Oma lonely. Downstairs, Ki Tae is serving Appa drinks. Appa tells him to leave, again. If he was coming anyway it could have been sooner. Aw, Appa is so cool. He still like Ki Tae, even though Ki Tae was an idiot. He wanted to be careful.

He wanted to make it work this time. Ki Tae Marriage not dating kiss ep Appa for understanding. Appa replies that guys get each other without words. With girls, you need to tell them. Appa calls them fools. He Marriage not dating kiss ep that actions are harder than words. Actions are hard, but words are easy. He just has to say a few words. Then it's all good with them. Appa laughs and stops smiling. No, not at all. Mom is sitting in the living room. Halmeoni comes out to check on her. Halmeoni declares that she has to get something off her chest to be able to sleep. Halmeoni asks if Mom remembers when she left home with Ki Tae?

Halmeoni asks if Mom doesn't want to think about it. She tells Mom that Ki Tae said that those times were the happiest moments of his life. Flashback to Ki Tae stuffing his face as Mom smiles and watches. Mom declares that tt was the laziest days of her life. She didn't cook or clean. She didn't do anything for him. Halmeoni says that that's why he was so happy. She didn't do anything but stayed with him. Back in the present, Halmeoni says that she thinks she should let Mom go now. Halmeoni says that Mom can go. If she wants to go, she can. Mom starts to cry, asking what Halmeoni is talking about. Forget about being a perfect daughter-in-law, wife and mom.

Just be with Ki Tae as his mom. Crying harder, Mom asks what Halmeoni will do. Aunt emerges, crying too, and says that Halmeoni has her. They outright start to weep and hold each other. Halmeoni says that Mom suffered so much. She truly appreciates it. The three of them hold each other and cry. They breathe a sigh of relief. The doctor says that a mastectomy is necessary. Ki Tae tells Jang Mi not to worry. Jang Mi is surprised. Most patients are shocked about their breast being gone. But Oma should be ok if they do it all at once. Jang Mi cries as she says thank you. Oma is waiting for her surgery. Everyone else waiting has people with them.

She lays down with her back to him and texts him to leave. He clucks at her that he can't read her text anyway. He was so angry he smashed his cell phone. He tells her to look at him. He wants to talk face to face.

Marriage not dating kiss ep 6

Appa sighs and pulls out a pass book. He puts it in front of her and tells her to open it. Oma looks in the pass book. The account has 52, won in it. Oma looks at Appa. She sits up, looking at him and asks what it is. He tells her to stay strong during her surgery. She wants to know where he got the money. He says that he sold the restaurant. He got rid of the place she hates so much. He left as soon as she got sick. Marriage not dating kiss ep tells her not to talk like that. She protests that he did too, but couldn't because of the money. Appa yells at Oma that he didn't want a divorce! Why can't she frigging understand?

Appa asks if he has to say it in words? She protests that he never even asked. He answers that he was always with her! Was it that hard to open her mouth once to tell him? She says that she is sick. So are all these people, so he should stop yelling! The woman in the next bed waves her hand and tells them not to worry about them. Another woman chimes in that she agrees. It's more exciting than a drama. She just has to let him stay with him. Oma holds out the passbook and tells him to take it back. The women tell Oma that she should just take the money and tell Appa to go. How come these women are so disloyal?

He wants to care for her. Appa says that everyone's telling Oma to take it. She finally relents, to applause. Ki Tae and Jang Mi are outside. They walk down the hall and Jang Mi says that the way they made up was totally "Oma and Appa. She tells him to let her see the postcards. Ki Tae replies that nothing special is really special. Is spending special occasions together like his parents special? Spending everyday life together is so special. He turns the discussion to the bet. Shall he start proposing now? She whines that she looks terrible. Can't he do it at a nice place all dressed up? He sighs and asks if she has to look proper when mentioning marriage?

Can't they make it casual like the postcards? He asks what her problem is now. Nihonbashi July 23, at 1: I hope the production team doesn't downgrade those two to merely jealous and selfish second leads. I am still holding out hope that that scene will still occur down the line. Download the Viki app to watch your favorite shows on-the-go! How about the delicious taste of DramaFever Premium Try it free You should decide casual dating workshop to take a break, not the ads! Especially 2 - nevermind the purchase of house. Watch in crystal clear p and without ads.

This was just plain ridiculous. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. This guy is a comedy gold: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! And Yeo-reum, I don't care for you. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. In this second case, although he's surprised, he still has his wits about him - enough to be able to hold back just a bit. Hwata July 23, at 8: He can't help but NOT to reciprocate her skinship. I love her eye-flutter after he stars really kissing her back. Without it, your DramaFever experience will be like a jelly donut Yeo Reum remains aloof so that no one can get close enough to hurt him again while JangMi throws herself after anyone who shows her some interest because she's so desperate for connection and so fearful of being alone.

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