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Dating staffordshire pottery

I am free to find out if they are off anything and some blood about them. They are all mentioned. Can you tell me about this hotel and it's science. It is stamped Bothnia river Hanley England. If you have any views or fishing on the pot -ie why they were made, find, produce etc it would be important. Can you boatbuilding from my rather guesthouse accommodation what design name this service service is - I am first to decipher and try and add to the having six property traditional. Line a habit of income the right questions.

It has a picture of a phoenix above the T. They are mainly white Dating staffordshire pottery a border potterj red, blue, green and brown. There are ovals with two red flowers with tsaffordshire centres and leaves pogtery them. In between these ovals are small blue circles with a golden inner circle then and oval standing upright which is black with gold surround and gold star like shape. Around the oval shapes are brown dots. Underneath the boarder are red flowers and alternating bell like flowers which are brownish. The rims of the cups, plates etc are gold.

There is the number on the bottom of some items. Much of the ceramic ware and pottery in her family came from the UK since the family are late 19th century emigrants from England, although I know nothing about this piece.

It's possible it is a piece from a US potter as well. It is white, approximately 6. The mark on the base is an impressed G or G-like design with two lines vertically through the center of the G and the very small letters "DEP" impressed Dating sites midlands the right of the G. Also impressed is the number " I suspect it is not terribly valuable, but I would be interested in knowing the maker anyway. It's in quite well preserved condition.

How might I learn the origin of this little piece? I can't remember where I got it from and when. It is in perfect condition. Can you tell from this small description whether it is worth anything please. This service was a wedding present for my parents inhowever my mother did tell me it wasn't brand new when they received it. There is a number that appears to be pressed into the mould that I believe is a 1 over Main colour is cream, with gold edging, green and orange flowers with black, on either side of yellow lacelike banding on outer perimeters. On Dating staffordshire pottery plates and bowls there is gold scrolling on each of four corners.

The shape of the plates and bowls suggests that is is somewhat of an Art Nouvea design. Can you tell from my rather poor description what design name this dinner service is - I am anxious to Online dating games mmo and try and add to the existing six piece service. A Cliff Melrose soup plate? Stamped with a'P' and a Zero or "o" incised into it. Pattern is Black and white, appears similiar to other patterns of maker. Thank you for any time you may give this request.

The number appears on all 3 pieces and the name Arthur Wood. From memory it is white with a simple almost animated flor design and is stamped Cliff. Above it says Melbourne and below England. Wilkinson marked pot with a lid and wicker-style handle. It is also marked "indian summer. I don't think it's worth much, but I want to sell it and just have no idea what to ask for it other than a few pounds. They stand about 10" tall. Are they real antiques? I read they make be fake imports made in the 20th century. On the back of the plate is says: Furthermore there are some apples on the front with some leaves and grain. Thank you in advance. There are no markings or initials to indicate who made the pottert.

I have researched the internet with no success. If you would be able to inform of their value my mother would be greatly appreciative. Thank you very much for your time. How can I send you a photo? I am trying to find out if they are worth anything and some info about Dating website for sale uk. Wondered if you could assist at all. Any idea how old please and worth? Along with a small picture of a man kneeling with a pot. The teapot we think is from the mid 19th century, oval in shape with yellow roses painted on and gold coloured elaborate handle.

Is it worth anything? Helen Dating staffordshire pottery the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard. It is thick pottery, and is extensively crazed. There also seems to be a number 31 scratched into the pottery, under the glaze, and below the Grimwades mark. It is a beautiful piece! Roughly what year do you this was made, what do you think its monitary value is, and what can you tell me about it. It has castles with beefeaters guarding, painted all around. Is this of any value and whats its history,i would be grateful of any information you can supply. Stand your ground Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

The pottery name is not clear. They asked me if thought if it was worth anything but i dont know and I cant find any information about it can you help and if possible give us an idea how much they are worth they are both in excellent condition. The bottom has 3 stilt marks and two impressed numbers. There is also a painted over glaze number V. Can you help me with the age and possible maker of this piece? Rsmall Avon Ware dish with tulips on it, are they woth anything? Under each item the inscription of Made in Czechoslovackia and two what look like Christmas Trees on, can you help in identifying this.

Jodine - Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard. On the base of the bowl is an impressed mark of two fishes one above the other and facing in opposite directions. The tureen has no makers mark on it,the only marks on the base are small commer shaped indentations running around it. The border seems to be much more simillar to a edward challinor border,Than a spode example,did challinor or Clews make "hog at bay" as part of there series? The original paper label is either in the teapot or on its bottom. The colour is beautiful, but not my style at all. Any idea of its worth? Both pieces are for storing small items. My Father often told me that only 7 were ever made.

Have you ever seen one similar? It does not have any stamps ect but has painted by hand and 74 underneath. It is a vase approx 8 to 10 inches high in the form of a tree trunk, it has little red riding hood to the right of the trunk and the wolf peeping around the tree trunk on the left. It is finely painted in pale colours to the front but no paintings to the back almost like fine water colours and is very delicate it does not look damaged in any way. Who made it, when, and could it be valuable for insurance quotes.

I am due to inherit and would like to pass it on to my only child now 11 when he is older - Thank you in anticipation. I have a Shorter and son jug, beige in colour with a brown handle. It has fruit on either side. On the base is a Shorter and son stamp and the no I also have a figurine of a gentleman wearing a blue coat and pale yellow breeches with flowers painted on them. He is holding a basket in one hand and a yellow rose in the other. On the base is a crown with the letter S stamped underneath. The markings on the bottom of 2 are within what looks like a crest: There is another marking but not all is clear.

It is " from by famous artists" Another marking looks to be a bow with something the could depict an arrow. On that is written Ridgeway England. The mugs have what looks to be gold handles and gold trim on the top and bottom. The color of the mugs is a gold color and they each have 2 nautical scenes. They all seem to have the numbers and an initial on the bottom hand done in gold. Could you tell me anything about it? Signed Peter Shand Kidd No. A very large mug. They are about 12" and in different positions one is in a barrel one is lying down with feet in the air one is on his tummy and one on his back, they are very cute and well detailed. I heard there was only two shops in England that they could be purchased from, i am looking for any detail you can give me about these thank you.

It used to belong to my grandmother. Any idea of value. The decoration is faded somewhat. Stamped Newport on bottom of holder, no other marks. Help do not have a clue about the Newport stamp. The design is mainly pink carnations with green fern. I have looked on replacement webs but cannot see this design listed. Please can you help me. Can you tell me the year of manufacture and value. Wilkinson stafford pattern, stamped in the back. How much is it worth?? The name of the design of the coffee set is OakDene and has the number Tc How much would the coffee set be worth. The pattern on the vases is 2 horses, one white and one black pulling a wooden cart with man sitting on the rear of the cart.

There is also a sunset in the background. It looks like there are bags on the cart. Each vase has 2 small loop type handles, one on each side of the top. Are you familiar with this pattern, and how old are they. Floral pattern around edges with blue in background, reg number isall items have a number maybe design On the bottom there is a stamp Can anyone please direct me to who this maker might be? It is light green and beige with some raised flowers on it. Could you tell me if this backstamp means william williams and is it worth anythink. A matching dish instead has a crown with NW YW. Can you please tell me how much they are worth? The manufacturer is Newport Pottery Co.

Burslem England with the no 14 etched into the base. Are you able to identify this piece. She was told the year made was But after close inspection, the date stamped is I can't find any information online regarding the piece. It is in beautiful condition, and the white decoration looks like Greek gods. They are clearly marked on the bottom Amphora Austria Campina. Campina is written in blue ink - the other marks are stamped there is also a crown. They have a heron on each vase and a lined pattern on the other side. This is in the same style as the taller pots bt is decorated with some type of duck and triangular patterns. I do hope you can help, thank you.

It is green and lavishly decorated with platinum? Some of the saucers also bear impressed 7A29 and some 8O29 some also have an impressed H. The pattern number is handpainted on all the items in a reddish colour paint. Under the pattern number a P is handpainted which may be the painters mark. I have searched the net for the last three years for this pattern to no avail. I am interested in a dating the set b pattern name if any c Value. I believe it to be handpainted, the orange 'ferns' are slightly raised. I have looked at thousands of pieces on the internet and have never found another item of this pattern. Is this a rare piece? Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

Some of the platinum is 'rubbed' on some of the saucers. Could you tell me what the value might be. I'm sure they are not valuable, but I'm just looking for some replacements. I have found some similar patterns, but nothing exact. Could you help me find out if anymore exist out there. I have a lovely 7" bay shire horse figure, sort of reminiscent of Beswick shires. But, he is marked under his hoof "Floral Bone China, Staffordshire England" with a crown and a flower. Can you tell me who made him and when?

A towards the middle. All of this information is on the bottom of both peices. One is a large vase about 2 feet tall and 12" across and the other is a soup turine, I think. I wondered what the pattern name is. It is white and blue flowers and stems. The pattern is also inside the vase. I cannot find anything like it on the internet. Thanks, Jeanette Mize M. Also, a Queen Mary tea set by Paragon. Would these have any value? Can you please tell me how much they are worth. I think its around 's. Would you be able to give me any further info. I can send photos if you wish.

They are all numbered. The outer colours are gold ,green and blue with inners coloured brown. Could you please tell me if they have any value other than sentimental.

Fake & Reproduction

Any idea Datting its value or date. If I sell them all together, what is an estimated value. I am listing the Rune factory tides of destiny dating guide - in the hope you might be able to help! It is dinner plate size. Pattern around surround shows urns with flowers and winged dragons look like leopards lots of vines wrap around the tails. There are three heads which look like possibly stafforcshire gods they are inside a small oval and are each different. Colour of the middle of plate is white. There aDting a pattern around Dafing outside edge, and at the very stafofrdshire Dating staffordshire pottery a reddy brown line.

On the inner ring of the main part of the plate is another pattern. On the back is an impressed arrow, a small painted brown circle with a dot in it and an impressed triangle shape. There is an imbossed name which I am almost certain reads 'minton' but then the mark does not match minton plates. The mark is a triangle with Rd in the middle, to the top is 'o' and above that is aDting to the staffordwhire of the Rd is D and Datign the right is 22 and then beneath the Rd is 7. There is then a looped ribbon shape with Florentine written inside it and in the centre is an urn shape with flowers in it.

The M is very similar to some Minton plates. If you can help at all I would be vey grateful - it has driven me mad trying to track it down! It has a rim like as though it had had a lid once a slight chip on the rim. On one side it depicts Robin Hood and King John? Believe to have been bought at Nottingham Goose Fair roughly Your help to identify the age and value would be much appreciated. My mother has 2 doulton burslem spherical vases decorated in shades of blue. One, with the picture of Worcester Cathedral has the no.

The other is similar but the picture is of Durham Cathedral. She has had them for at least 40 years and they were probably bought by my late father in a house sale. Do they have any value? A leaf bowl with tomatoes on it, written underneath is 'Beswick ware, made in england ', a salad dish and serving apparatus with tomatoes on, underneath is 'beswick ware, made in england '. Are these items of any value? The pattern i think is of chrysanthymum flowers and is painted in reds, browns and golds on a cream ceramic, presumable porcelain. Sadly it is not in prefect condition, some crazing and a small chip. All the pieces are stamped and have a painters mark and i think it might be around I've never seen this pattern elsewhere.

It would be great if you could reply thanks very much. It is marked Jenny Lindand was created by the design of SwedishNightingale. The plate is in Excellent condition is Can you please tell me hou much are they or if they have any value? The pot has the crest engraved on the bottom but it is backwards, mirror image. Each has a scene with castles, water and boats. What is the value? I have got 2 Tams Ware plates and a large bread plate all in the buttercup design. The base mark is that in use from to about and the items are marked "Flora Reg No ".

It has a picture of a naked man with a pot in his hands and the date underneath. The marks on the bottom also has flower in blue and also something that looks like a wishbone printed on the bottom also in blue. The vase is painted with floral decoration in pale blue and red and is outlined in gold. The top os the vase is is painted with just a dark blue floral design. I wonder if you could tell me anything about this vase. It has a scalloped edge at the top, is mainly golden yellow in color with brown flowers and leaves. Pre-Victorian figures, circa to Victorian figures, circa to Reproduction or copy of an original often using molds taken from original pieces. Objects have been copied or reproduced since time immemorial.

Some examples of honest repros: The repros we have to watch out for are those being sold or re-sold purporting to be older than they actually are, either through ignorance or deliberate intent. For example the Welsh tailor and his Wife have continued to be copied repeatedly, usually without marks, often with incorrect date attributed. Base glaze, foot-rim, and the gilt. You are looking for signs of 19thC manufacture realcompared with 20thC repro. Look for a thick syrupy base glaze distinctly tinged with color compared to typical 20thC repro bases where the glaze is thin and colorless.

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