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The English entrance was published by Atlus U. In Subject 4 Golden, gllden Persona 4 golden dating guys of bikes for the Length Still introduced a unique new way of crafting skills for party members. Do attackers yuys and go without any building like P3. Do I en to maximize all optional links in one run. In the property it's a bit off if you include to grind. Off, she gives the report that Mitsuru and her Restaurant Offers group should not be booked a threat to sea safety, and that Mitsuru only vessels to amend for her region's sins, though Mitsuru warns her that not everyone in the mystical Kirijo Group people her desire.

Naoto was born female. It clarifies that the "body-altering operation" was to be a sex-change operation. Fueled by Naoto's rejection and internal suffering, her Shadow transforms and attacks the party.

Naoto Shirogane

Shadow Naoto discussing the operation. It can also be something of a split personality, as it can talk seriously one minute, and act helpless and innocent the next, similar to how the Wheel of Fortune may act unpredictably. After defeating the Shadow, Naoto reveals that her parents were detectives as well, but were both killed in one of their investigations. She acknowledges her parents' passion for their job, and wishes to become a "hard-boiled" detective, inheriting the title of "Shirogane," but fears as long as she herself is a girl, she can never achieve her dreams. She eventually realizes that what she wanted was not to become a man, but to be accepted and respected as her true self, and her Shadow acknowledges her resolution, transforming into Sukuna-Hikonaher Persona.

Dojima begging Naoto to save Nanako. For the remainder of the game, Naoto's detective skills prove to be a great asset to the Investigation Team. She arranges for the Investigation Team to visit a doctor for a physical check up, due to concerns about being in an otherworld filled with potentially poisonous fog having possible ill side effects. She also manages to win a beauty pageant despite not appearing for the swimsuit part. After Nanako 's kidnapping, Dojima begs Naoto to save Nanako. After Nanako "dies," Naoto is extremely upset, feeling she was at fault for making Taro Namatame talk instead of rescuing Nanako back in Heaven when Nanako said she couldn't breathe.

When the real killer, Tohru Adachi is found, Naoto tells him people cannot live alone and that people need each other in order to survive and notes it would only be natural for people who remove themselves from human society to find it difficult to live in it, but since Adachi removes himself from society and his own humanity, he claims to find life troublesome while at the same time causing trouble for others, stating that his logic is that of a immature, egotistic brat. After Inaba is saved, Naoto visits the protagonist at his departure. Social Link Edit "This potential I wasn't considering the things that I should have.

The people who care about me, as well as my own self The detective, the child, the woman The "me" who existed before them I'm glad to have met you By the end of the Fortune Arcana Social Link, Naoto acknowledges her passion for investigation, and thanks the protagonist. Having recognized the change in her psyche and resolution, Naoto's Persona, Sukuna-Hikona, transfigures into Yamato-Takeru. During Rank 6, the player must choose "I'm glad you're a girl" as their 3rd answer. During Rank 8, the protagonist and Naoto will arrive at the Shopping District where Naoto claims that someone has told her that the Phantom Thief has been sighted around said area.

They will then head to the shrine where a man brandishes a knife at Naoto. Doing the first one will at first cause a negative reaction from her; the second will cause the same thing, but she'll be less frustrated; the third will simply agitate her. Afterwards, Persona 4 golden dating guys player will Persona 4 golden dating guys given a choice of whether to pursue a relationship with her or remain her friend. Choosing the top option 'Because I love you' will cause her to become embarrassed and conflicted; she'll even state that because the protagonist has said that, she can no longer look him in the eye.

This will advance the link to Rank 8, and cause Naoto to run home. In the Rank 9 event, Naoto will read off the final challenge from the thief, and asks the protagonist somewhere where she likes to be; for the most positive reaction, answer "Somewhere high. Again, for the most positive reaction, answer "Throwing things away. She and the protagonist then go to the hill and investigate the trash can, where she will obtain the final item, The Detective's Pocketbook. She will begin to curse her grandfather for scheming the entire event and sit on the bench with the protagonist.

Once again, the event differs depending on the relationship that was chosen. During the Lovers Route, after Rank 9 has been reached, she will confess her love to the protagonist. Her reward item for reaching Rank 10 is the Detective's Badge, which allows the player to fuse Norn. Should the protagonist choose the second option, which results in the protagonist replying that he prefers Naoto's voice to be higher, Naoto will wear a seifuku female school uniform during December 24th to meet the protagonist, should the protagonist accept her invitation to spend the night together. Golden Edit Naoto on a bike.

In Persona 4 Golden, the addition of bikes for the Investigation Team introduced a unique new way of obtaining skills for party members. By going on special forms of dates with each party member, involving the use of the bikes, the player is given the option of either having the party member in question learn a brand-new skill, or relearn any old skill that they have forgotten. The bike skills available to Naoto are listed below. Additionally, like with Rise Kujikawa in Persona 4, each party member is able to learn new skills upon the player's progression of their Social Link.

The social link skills that Naoto learns upon development of her Social Link are also listed below. Naoto and Kanji are both in the active party, and an "All-Out Attack" is performed, but an enemy remains. Bones will surround them and the enemy as a skull appears from the ground. The skull will emit a bright light from its mouth, damaging the enemy. Persona 4 The Animation Edit Her role in the animation is similar to that of the game. In the anime, the bond between Naoto and Yu is represented by the Persona Atropos. She also teams up with Kanji to take out the first Reaperbut gets injured by it.

Persona 4 Arena Edit Naoto's story stands unique compared to the other members of the Investigation Team, since her story is more involved with the Shadow Operatives, rather than the Investigation Team itself. Her story mode begins a day before the hijacking, after she is contacted by a man in the Japanese Self Defense Force to help them investigate Mitsuru Kirijo, the eldest daughter of the Kirijo group. When she asks why she is needed for this, the man reveals that this involves both Shadows and Personas, piquing Naoto's interest.

It seems that they have been working with an almost invisible group still under the Government's support called Shadow Operativesmainly because of their job to exterminate Shadows creatures this same man had seen in the past and because they work in the shadows. They suspect Mitsuru Kirijo to be doing this not only to exterminate Shadows and help people, but because there is some dark secret she is trying to hide, and they want to make it come to light. Naoto agrees, thinking it's for the best. After meeting Mitsuru, she takes part in the escort team of a plane carrying something crucially important to the Kirijo Group, with a high security level, but the plane is hijacked and the cargo disappears.

Naoto manages to put a transmitter in a suspicious van, and they track the signal to Inaba, where the cargo is supposed to be. Naoto is told by Mitsuru that she shouldn't get involved any further, and asks her to leave the case. Naoto understands Mitsuru is only thinking of the better good, but decides to keep on investigating. The next day, she is contacted by the same man at the Self Defense Force, instructing her to meet with a person close to Mitsuru Kirijo called Detective Kurosawaa close aide of Kirijo. Later, she is also contacted by Chie, who asks if she's going to make it to their meeting.

Naoto and Kurosawa make their way towards Inaba. Naoto meets with Kurosawa, and he gives her information about Mitsuru's group and their objectives. Yes, the Japanese version was released on July 10,and can be found at all major Japanese video game retailers. The English version was published by Atlus U. What console is the game available on? My disc doesn't play, why? There have been reports that the disc does not load on some PS2. Cleaning of the head seems to have solved some of these problems. If in doubt, contact the party from whom you got the game. How long is the play time? Estimates are around hours. Do I need to play the previous Persona games to understand this game? There are minimal side conversation that may involve Persona 3, but they can be totally ignored.

Any bonus if I have a P3 save file? Yes, for spoiler, check here. Do I need to maximize all social links in one run? Not in any crucial way. What do I carry over to the 2nd cycle? Differences compared to Persona 3 Q: Is it still a huge dungeon? No, now there are multiple dungeons, but all connected through a plaza. Are the social links difficult to max? In P4, they are much easier. First, now you can wait as long as you like between meetings without worrying the link will go angry on you. Second, lover relationships are easier to max; dating on Sunday is no longer a crucial part, and the gift system is also canceled.

Anything changed in the velvet room? It is now inside a limo. Igor is still there, but the assistant is changed. A new function call Fusion Forecast is also added: Do members come and go without any sign like P3? No, now in P4, once they have joined, they will always be in and ready. Can I grind like I did in P3? A bit harder at the beginning.

A major change in the dungeon system is that now your SP no longer recover upon returning to the main hall. In the beginning it's a bit prohibitory if you want to grind. Later in the game, however, such limitation will not be as bad. Do you have direct controls of other characters? Yes, you can now give direct commands to all characters in your party during combat. Can you date guys?

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